I just wanted to reach out to you to pass along compliments I’ve heard about Sky High. I know often times only negative feedback gets attention. As a nurse practitioner locally I have the pleasure of doing many sports physicals. My favorite are those for college sports. I can not tell you how many amazing young women I have seen recently who are Sky High alumni! They are by far some of the most competent young women I have met. Their faces still light up telling me about playing for Sky High prior to college and how much of an advantage they had heading into college. Their level of maturity far exceeds their peers.  They have been selfless in their enthusiasm to meet my daughter, [Redacted], and have invited us to come watch them play in upcoming games at their school or tournaments. Having mentors like this for Allison is invaluable as our world is often not a very kind place.  Never doubt that you are making a positive impact in the lives of the adolescents in our communities! We are so excited for the upcoming year and for the season to start. Allison is trying out Monday for her middle school team and I feel confident she will shine because of her last season with Sky High and the head start she received on skill development. 

Ashley Cochran