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Boys Club FAQs

Every year many people discover club volleyball and have many questions. While this will not answer all of them, we hope we can address many of the common questions.
Sky High Boys Volleyball – 31st Season (Est. 1989)


Q. Does my athlete have to attend all tryout dates?

A. No. Sky High offers two dates per age group in Libertyville.  Certainly there can be an advantage for athletes to be evaluated twice vs. one time by our coaching staff. Final selections are made during the FINAL tryout. If you are unable to attend the FINAL tryout,  please contact Miguel De La Rosa at

Q. How do coaches evaluate each athlete?

A. The Sky High coaching staff will be evaluating each player’s athleticism, work ethic and attitude in the younger age groups (14/13/12). Athletes in the (18/17/16/15) age groups will be evaluated  for all of the above in addition to their skill.

Q. How many athletes will Sky High select?

A. Sky High would love to take all athletes. However, we are limited to space and a limited number of coaches. Typically we select ten to eleven athletes per team depending on the talent pool.

Q. Where does Sky High find their coaches?

A. Sky High prides itself on having one of the best coaching staffs in the Chicago land area. Many coaches have been associated with Sky High for several years. Some coaches have coached at the collegiate and/or high school level. Many players benefit from the strengths of different coaches. While each coach is assigned a team, players may receive feedback from other coaches during practice or tournament. All coaches are Impact certified by USA Volleyball and some are ASEP and/or CAP certified. 

Q. Where and when do teams practice?

A. 14/13/12u teams will practice twice per week (Monday and Wednesdays, 6:30PM-9:00PM) and 15 – 18’s will practice three days per week (Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 6:30PM-  9:00PM) however, the weeks following a TWO day tournament the 15-18’s will NOT practice on Monday. Schedules are subject to change based on our programming. We will offer boys teams in Crystal Lake and Libertyville.  Note practice times will change in mid November. 

Q. How long is the season?

A. 14s-18s  teams will begin the week of September 23rd and continue through mid to late February when  they will break for the IHSA season. (Note: In addition to their regular schedule the 14U teams may participate in one or two additional events from March thru May. Otherwise, all teams return in early June and finish no later than early July. The costs for the USA Jr. National Championships is additional and will be released in February. No practices December 21st through January 5th.


Q. How much travel is involved?

A. 15’s – 18’s will attend the Boys Winter Volleyball Championships at McCormick Place in Chicago, January 18-20 and Dennis Lafata Gateway Festival in St. Louis February 8-10.  14/13’s will also attend the Boys Winter Championships in Chicago. All other events will be in the Chicagoland area. Teams may opt to add additional travel events to their schedule however, this would be an additional fee.                                                      

Q. What do fees (Dues) include?

A. The fees cover much of the fixed costs of playing. Court rental, equipment, coaches, tournament entry fees including Asics Nationals at Navy Pier (All teams), Winter Championships in Chicago (13-18’s), Gateway Festival in St. Louis (15-18’s), USA Nationals, administrative costs, plyometric/ speed/agility workouts. Uniform costs are additional. In an effort to make the sport available to as many athletes as possible, Sky High works very hard to keep costs to a minimum.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Q. How will I know if my athlete was selected to compete with Sky High?

A. After the final tryout Sky High will post the results, which will be followed by a short meeting with the athlete and parent. The required paperwork will be distributed at this time, which needs  to be completed and returned at registration beginning at 7:00PM on September 10th.     


Q. Are any deposits required?

A. Sky High will ask for a $430 fee when you register online ($30 tryout fee plus a $400 deposit towards your first installment). If the athlete is not selected, we will issue a refund in the amount of $400. ($30 tryout fee is non-refundable). If the athlete is chosen and decides not to participate with Sky High, you will need to inform our staff at the registration desk before you leave the final tryout. They will issue you a receipt and refund the $400 deposit online. If you do not inform us before leaving the final tryout your deposit becomes non-refundable as we are holding  space for your athlete. For those who make a team we will ask you to order and pay for your required uniform at the end of the final tryout and your $400 deposit will be applied toward your first installment due by September 10th. Samples will be available. This will allow us enough time to have the uniforms delivered to all players prior to our first event.    


Q. What paperwork is involved and when is it due?

A. The paperwork you receive at the final tryout will need to be reviewed and signed. You will need to turn in the completed paperwork in our Crystal Lake office no later than September 10th along  with your first dues installment less the deposit paid at your final tryout. You will also have the ability to pick up any additional accessory items at this time. You will receive via email a Parent/Player Handbook within a couple weeks of the tryout, which will include some important information you will use throughout the season.


Q. How much will the uniforms cost?

A. Each athlete is required to purchase two jerseys, two practice t’s, one pair of shorts, a full warm-up and Molten Flistatec Volleyball. There will be other accessories available for purchase  such as knee pads, ultra ankles, gym bags, etc. Note: In addition to the mandatory items above all  players are required to have a Molten “Flistatec” volleyball for practice. Players are required to wear black socks, black kneepads (kneepads are required for 12u-14u and recommended for all age groups) and black shoes at all practices and competitions. Accessory items are available in our pro shop in Crystal Lake. Please note all players must wear ADIDAS brand socks, kneepads and shorts for all competitions. Estimated costs for all NEW players is $300. Uniforms will be the same as last season. Returning players will only purchase uniforms or accessories needed.      


Q. What if my athlete plays another sport?

A. Sky High does not want to turn away good athletes simply because they play another sport. We ask you turn in your practice and competition schedule to your coach. As a courtesy, throughout your season, please remind your coach when there is a conflict approaching.


Q. Is the second half of the Season (June/early July) optional?

A. No. All boys are expected to return the first week of June and will compete in one or two local events and USA Nationals in early July.         


Q. Are fundraisers available? There are no mandatory fundraisers however, Sky High provides optional fundraisers to individual parents/players who wish to raise additional funds to help  defray their expenses. We are always looking for parents to work in our concessions both in Crystal Lake and Libertyville. Please contact Gina Anderberg at if  you are interested in working concessions throughout the year.