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College Scholarships

NCAA DI: 334|  NCAA DII: 79 |  NCAA DIII: 113 |  NAIA: 43 |  NJCAA: 81 |  TOTAL: 650

Since inception in 1989, Sky High is Ranked #2 in the Nation for number of athletes playing at the collegiate level. According to, Sky High Volleyball is Ranked #2 in the Nation for number of athletes playing at the DI-level from 1999 to date. 

    Upcoming Meeting Dates

    New Parent Meeting

    Sunday, November 11th at 5:30pm in Crystal Lake

    Team Rep Meeting 

    Wednesday, December 19th at 7:15pm in Crystal Lake

    *Only for teams reps.

    Parent Meetings - Crystal Lake

    Group Date Time
    13s & 14s JO (CL) October 14th 12:30pm
    13s & 14s REG (CL,PS) October 14th 1:30pm
    13s & 14s JO/REG (LIB) October 14th 3:00pm
    10s-12s (All Locations) October 14th 4:00pm
    12s (All Locations) November 4th 11:00am
    16 REG (All Locations) November 4th 12:30pm
    15 REG (All Locations) November 4th 1:30pm
    15 JO (All Locations) November 4th 3:00pm
    16 JO (All Locations) November 4th 4:30pm
    17s & 18s REG (All Locations) November 11th 2:30pm
    17s & 18s JO (All Locations) November 11th 4:00pm

    All parent meetings will be at Sky High in Crystal Lake. 

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